2014 Dressing Code

Students shall wear the prescribed uniform at all times to school and to all official functions. Students not properly attired will be penalized, and sent home when the breach is willfully continued. NO CDs, I-PODS, CELLULAR TELEPHONES or other electronic gadgets are allowed. Confiscated items will be returned at the discretion of the President.

Female Students

  • White monogrammed blouses (High School)
  • Peter pan blouses (Primary School Only)
  • Black shoes no more than one inch in height should be worn.
  • Plain KNEE HIGH white socks ONLY without decorations must be worn.
  • White monogrammed blouses must be worn.
  • NO make-up, nail polish, decoration, artificial or long nails must be worn.
  • NO excessive jewelry should be worn, except a wristwatch.
  • Knob earrings (silver/gold) should be worn.
  • Moderate hairstyles must be worn; no hair pieces, braids or excessive ornaments.
  • No lip or eyeliners or mascara should be worn.
  • Skirts (High School) must fall below the knee high socks
  • Jumper (monogrammed) dresses (Primary School) must be worn.
  • V-neck monogrammed ties must be worn.
  • Students must wear Gray sweaters during the winter months.

Male Students

  • White monogrammed shirts (Primary & High Schools)
  • Gentlemen shall not wear earrings while in class, in their school uniform or on the premises of Westminster College.
  • Ties must be worn at all times
  • Gentlemen shall wear low cut hairstyles at all times. Plaits or buds shall not constitute acceptable hair grooming.
  • Black socks must be worn
  • Black shoes - BOOTS and tennis are not acceptable footwear.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at ALL times.
  • Grey long pants (High School) which must fit above the hips.
  • Short or long grey pants (Primary) which must fit above the hips.
  • Pants with pockets by the legs are not accepted as part of the uniform.
  • The hemline of all long pants must rest on the shoes.
  • Students must wear Gray sweaters during the winter months.
  • At no time will an excuse or reason be sufficient for a student to be out of proper and complete uniform.
  • Simple black belts - without name brand - must be worn.

One Thing To Note!

All uniform items are available at Janaee's Uniform Center , Chesapeake Road.

Telephone: (242)-394-8385
No Image uniform.janaees@coralwave.com