Graduates’ Prayer

Eternal Father, we will remember that it was under the blue western skies that we received educational opportunities comparable to other institutions of higher learning around the world. In a reverent spirit of gratitude, we lift our voices, thanking You for Westminster College, the Home of the Diplomats.

Help us in our growth and development to be emissaries of Your love and living examples of all that were imparted to us. Consecrate all who will enter her Halls of Learning: parents, friends, and teachers so that they will forever give of themselves in strengthening the lives of others who search for a real meaning and mission in their lives.

Guide our thoughts and spirits, and increase our faith to excel in making this world a greater place where we can dwell in harmony. Mold and defend our character to withstand the challenges of the ages, as we continue to illuminate this perpetual flame of Westminster College.

May Your Word enrich, guide and deliver us from every fear and foe until we end our journey as Diplomats in this world of challenges. Again, we thank You, Father, for Westminster College.

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I Am A Diplomat!

I am a Westminster Diplomat.
I am college/vocational bound
I am dedicated, committed and determined.
I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough.
I am trained and proficient in my diplomatic tasks and social drills.
I am respectful to myself and, in doing so, respect all humanity.
I am mindful that I have a great future for which I am accountable.
I am committed to maintaining my goals, my spiritual equipment and myself.
I am to value the fact that I have a responsibility to my family, community and the global village,
I am my brothers' keeper
I am a witness of the power of my Redeemer's Name, and will call upon it in all situations and places to the end of life's journey.