The educational school calendar mandates that the student receives 180 days of formal instruction. Therefore, from Grade 11, consistently each student is made aware, individually or collectively with others, of our graduation requirements as it is essential that they are reinforced in school, at home and in the community.

Approval for graduation is based on our Mission and Philosophy, the student’s past records, performance and achievements. Therefore, the student must have concluded successfully a prescribed period of academic and character education. Our Academic Education is based on the standard set by the Ministry of Education of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and our Character Education is based on the six pillars of Character as defined by the Josephsen Institute of Ethics: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship, which are taught across the curriculum. For further character strengthening, we added Personal Responsibility for Actions.

A student who does not meet the requirements as set out will have to repeat the 12th grade.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA) ~ Students are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 60% for grades 11 & 12. A student who meets this requirement and the others listed will receive a High School Diploma.

ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY ~ Students are required to have 80% attendance and punctuality as adherence to these form character throughout the student’s life. If a student is habitually late and/or absent, he or she would have missed required academic sessions.

ACADEMIC SESSIONS ~ Students must attend at least 75% of the academic sessions and exhibit a good attitude to work.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT ~ An 80% parental involvement is required at PTA Meetings and other school activities.

DEPORTMENT/DISCIPLINE ~ Students must have a satisfactory behavioural record each term. Students with more than two (2) suspensions for the year or more than three (3) detentions will not participate in the graduation exercises. All students are required to conform to the uniform policies set forth by the school. Students that frequently violate the policies may not participate in the exercises.

FEES /ACCOUNT BALANCES ~ Any student withan outstanding balance which is not settled in full by May 31 of the graduation year will not participate in the graduation exercises.

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