There might be an incident or a series of incidences concerning a student, which will necessitate a meeting of the Administration at which time expulsion will be considered and approved.

Being in Trouble with the Police Expulsion
Bringing Dangerous Items to School Suspension/Expulsion Liable
Classroom Misconduct ( Eating/ Sleeping/ Excessive Talking) Detention/Suspension/Probation
Congregating/ Loitering in Corridor Detention
Cutting/ Being Put Out of Classes Detention/ Suspension
Defacing, Graffiti (Writing On) or Destroying School Property Suspension/Expulsion Liable
Disruptive/ Disrespectful Behaviour Detention/Probation/Suspension
Disobedience/ Rudeness/ Insolence Detention/Probation/Suspension
Hair/ Dress Code Violation Detention/Suspension
Lateness Detention/Suspension/Probation
Leaving Campus/ School/ Premises without Permission Detention/ Suspension/.Probation
Littering Detention
Missing Chapel/ Clubs Detention/Suspension/Probation
Missing Detention(s) Suspension/ Expulsion
Misbehaviour on Public Transportation (Bus) Detention/ Suspension
No Note/ No Call When Absent Detention/Suspension
Non-submission of Homework/ Assignments/ Coursework Detention/ Suspension/Expulsion
Possession of or Being Under the Influence of Drugs/ Alcohol Expulsion
Possession of Weapons Expulsion
Possessing Obscene Literature or Videos Detention/Suspension
Smoking or Chewing Gum Detention/Suspension
Sexual Misconduct/ Improper Behaviour Detention/Probation/Suspension
Truancy or Unexcused Absence Suspension/Expulsion Liable
Theft/ Cheating/ Fighting Suspension/Expulsion Liable
Using Foul (Profane) Language/ Verbal Abuse Detention/Suspension
Unacceptable Behavior Outside of School Suspension/Expulsion Liable
Unprepared for Class ( Not Having Texts/ Exercise Books) Detention