Our Logo & Its Significance

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Our Logo

THE LOGO was copyrighted and approved by The School Board in 2007 after untiring prayer, countless graphical drawings and consultations. Its design heralds the emergence of "a values-performance based culture" that the institution promotes and also connects us, in an integral way, to our history, adhering to the sovereign rule of God over our lives.

THE CROSS - The Cross is the best-known religious symbol of Christianity, and is a universal representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for our sins.It is a symbol of love, peace and blessings for all who accept Jesus as the Son of God.

THE CROWN - This ornamental circle or head covering is worn universally as a statement of sovereignty, nobility and majesty. It is made of precious metal set with rare jewels and is also distinctly used as a reward for achievement, ascension to a higher endeavour or a title signifying championship and exceptional prowess in the arts and in sports. We acknowledge the Biblical fact that we are "a royal priesthood".

THE TORCH - A portable light produced by the flame of a stick of resinous wood or of a flammable material wound about the end of a stick of wood. This symbol, God’s Word which illuminates, reminds us that Westminster College also serves to illuminate, enlighten and guide all of us along the path of life.

THE FLAG- This symbol denotes citizenship or identity and is more than a piece of cloth often attached to a pole. As reflected in the preamble of the Constitution of the Bahamas, the late Dr. R. E. Cooper, Sr., as President of The Bahamas Christian Council in his Ecumenical Address, preceding Independence in 1973, was resolute in his stand to include the tenet that The Bahamas is to be a Christian Nation based upon our Divine calling. This symbol reminds us that our paramount duty is to God and country.

THE LIONS- Lions are powerful animals who usually hunt in coordinated groups and stalk their chosen prey. They are not particularly known for their stamina and they work cohesively and encircle the prey from different points. The attack is short and powerful; they attempt to catch the victim with a fast rush and final leap. Knowledge is power!