A Letter from the School President

Welcome to Westminster College!

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Nestled in the Western District of New Providence, Westminster College is a distinctive educational institution that is reaching out to scores of families that are in search of a unique setting to bring their children for a balanced academic and Christian development.

We are aware that a young person faces many choices in life during the high school years. Therefore, the need for a supportive and Christian environment is the master key toward stability and independence. Our primary goal is to develop Christian leaders by teaching every subject from a Christ-centered world view. We are about instilling strength of character and courage to obey God's Word that will result in true prosperity and wisdom. Let me outline to you five reasons why you should consider Westminster College as a place of learning for your son or daughter.

ACADEMIC STANDARDS. Our parents and students can give attestation that our academic programs and instructional methods are superior, offering personalized, quality instruction and rigorous curricula designed to challenge and develop curious young minds.

FACILITIES. A quick glance of our physical facilities makes clear our commitment to provide a comfortable, enriching, learning environment. We know, certainly, that buildings, lighting, rooms, and other amenities, however excellent they may be, will not make a school successful. Although, as the students' "home away from home," the facilities are important - we are hard at work in making ours comfortable.

SPIRITUAL BASE. The spiritual values are vital - and that emphasis will never change. Chapel services are specially designed to meet the needs of the students. As "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" it is true then to say that education without a spiritual focus is undoubtedly worse than no education at all.

QUALITY LEADERSHIP. We are committed to maintaining a special core of leaders who subscribe to Christian ethics as taught in the Bible, and who are professionally equipped and experienced to develop each child to his or her greatest potential by working in partnership with the students, their families and communities. The way we deal with each other reflects the six positive pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship.

REASONABLE TUITION. We are determined to keep our tuition to the absolute minimum, particularly considering our outstanding location blessed with a great natural environment, facilities and accomplished faculty. On behalf of The Diplomatic Team, thank you for your interest in our efforts. Truly, we are experiencing the blessings of the Lord, and I pray that He continues to use all of us until He comes.


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