Our Philosophy

"We receive three educations, one from our parents, one from our schoolmaster, and one from the world. The third contradicts all that the first two teach us."   Baron de Montesquieu

The philosophy of Westminster College is to improve the total individual through a comprehensive system of self and group involvement. The institution seeks to educate every student in a manner that contributes to and reinforces his or her capabilities to seek and pursue confidently the challenges of life.

Westminster College pursues this goal by using the academic and Christian environment as the integrative mechanism to prepare its graduates to become educated leaders of character. The dynamics of this tightly structured and supervised Christian-led com- munity inculcates commitment to responsible and informed citizenship in a democratic society. At Westminster College, Christian school education will help our graduates gain the abilities and aspirations to attempt to address the problems of life, both public and private. We will produce educated leaders for our global community, continuing to rely on the five traditional cornerstones on which Westminster College will continue to build its national and international reputation. These traditional cornerstones are: Academic Development, Character Development, Personal Motivation, Physical Development and Leadership.

Our Vision

To put Christian principles into practice through viable academic, leadership and social programmes that nurture the life-long development of our students.

Our Mission

To educate young men and women, in an academic and Christian environment, so they are fully prepared to meet their responsibilities as citizen leaders in a manner that reflects alertness in mind, soundness in body, consideration of others, and a high sense of duty, honour, loyalty, courage and integrity.

To foster love of God and country, gentlemanly and ladylike qualities, and high moral standards; characteristics that will make these young men and women a credit to themselves, their families, their alma mater, their country, and their God.